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Institutional and structural reforms are needed in order to rein in rises in Egypt’s inflation rate, writes Nesma Nowar.
21.04.19 | Interesting article at Ahram Online

Inflation has been on the rise in Egypt over recent years, attributable to the floatation of the Egyptian pound in late 2016 as well as energy subsidy cuts.
The floatation caused the pound to lose 50 per cent of its value, leading to a rise in prices across the board. Inflation reached a peak of 35 per cent in July 2017 but began to ease steadily afterwards.

Though the floatation of the pound prompted inflation to rise, experts believe that this has not been the only reason.

In a seminar organised by the Egyptian Centre for Economic Studies (ECES), a think tank, in Cairo this week, experts concurred that the reason for the rise in inflation was not only the floatation but was also due to structural and institutional rigidities in the economy.