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The International Labor Organization chose GEM to start celebrating its 100th anniversary because it combines the modern and the ancient.
09.04.19 | Interesting article at SEE

Minister of Antiquities Dr. Khaled El Anany, Minister of Manpower Mr. Mohamed Saffan, Eric Ochlan Director of the International Labor Organization Cairo Office and General Atef Miftah supervisor of the Egyptian Grand Museum project and the surrounding area, witnessed the planting of 100 trees at the main façade of Grand Egyptian Museum overlooking the Giza pyramids at the begining the celebrations of International Labor Organization 100 years of its establishment.

El-Anani described the selection of the International Labor Organization of the Egyptian Grand Museum to start the activities of celebrating of establishing the Organization with fantastic vision because the museum overlooks the area of the Giza pyramids from the Old state era and as well as museum symbolizes the modern era to be the fourth pyramid and a great monument. In addition it’s Egypt gift to the world to preserve the heritage of mankind.