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Daily News Egypt: Auto market awaits launch of 4th Egypt Automotive

The 4th annual summit of the Egypt Automotive Conference approaches next December amid drop in sales.
01.11.17 | Interesting article at Daily News Egypt

The experts demanded that all the challenges faced by the sector be exposed to a sharp drop in sales volume, stop pumping new investments, exit a large slice of purchasing power, and put forward the government’s vision for the development of the automotive industry, prepared through the strategy and submitted to the House of Representatives for its approval.

Daily News Egypt conducted a survey of opinion, including a number of experts and workers in the automotive sector, to reveal the most important axes that they would like to discuss during the Fourth annual summit Egypt Automotive, in addition to identify the demands of the sector in the discussion of government bodies concerned with the automotive industry.

Egypt Automotive held its first annual summit in December 2014 and was, consequently, held for three consecutive years.