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Go-Go Car is the latest ride-sharing app to hit Egypt’s market

"The safety procedures is one of our main concerns"said Ibrahim Khater, founder of Go-Go Car.
06.09.16 | Source: Egyptian streets

From social media to entertainment to music, there are applications for just about everything now – and ride sharing is no exception to that rule. As innovative solutions to Egypt’s transportation issues continue to pop up, Go-Go Car is the latest app aiming to make traveling around Egypt easier through carpooling.

Whether it’s the summer or winter, you’ll surely be traveling to one of the popular holiday destinations within Egypt like the North Coast or Ain Sokhna. Chances are, you’ve noticed how hard it is to find decent and affordable transportation to your desired destination. Go-Go Car offers people an option to travel safely with a reasonable price, and make friends on their trip.

Egyptian Streets interviewed Ibrahim Khater, the founder of Go-Go Car, to learn more about the startup.

A carpooling app for travel roots. If you’re going from Cairo to the North Coast and you can’t find a ride, you open the app and find people going in the same direction; you choose the most suitable ride. We aim to build a community. You travel with people to get to know them. The person you’re traveling with most likely is going to be a new friend. We’re trying to build a community because it’s a travel route it’s a long journey. The safety procedures is one of our main concerns – what we spend most of our time on and how we can verify each profile to make sure that anyone who has access to posting a ride or requesting a ride, is someone we trust. Meaning they have no previous record I would be comfortable riding in the car with them, if we look at how we verify them it’s someone you look at their profile and you would decide, “I would ride with him.” It needs your own approval. There are preferences like smoking preferences. Passengers can write a comment about the driver [and] then users have a wall with the comments on their behavior from previous rides.