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Moatasem Mahmoud
Link Group
11211 Cairo
Business Management & Development | Operations|Quality Assurance & Control| Learning & Development| Occupational Safety| Aviation Security.

Michael Wurche
12411 Agouza-Cairo
Retired MD West Africa of Lufthansa, now security, management and tourism manager, trainer and coach

Marc Sidhom
I have 10 years of project management experience, organizational , IT, process re-engineering, products, business continuity & branches construction.

Batoul Heda
Smart Move For Management Services
Management consultant, HR consultant

Luis Reynoso
3d Athletics

Zadar Bike
Zadar Bike

Gorge Mina
Gm Broker

Mark Rose
Stanwell & Staines Locksmiths

Rajashekar Lokam
Blackridge Research and Consulting

Escape game
Paranoia Quest Escape the Room

Stephen T
Market Research Outlet

Super 10

FE Solutions
FE Solutions

kareem ahmed
ntk tech

nada elrais
Brand EG

Ahmed Abdel Nour
Signium Egypt

Vaibhav Pawale

Water Damage
Square One Restoration Water Smoke Fire Damage Repair

Mahendra lunkad
Converged Markets

Mohd Saleem
Web More Technologies

IQC - the ISO Standard Professionals
IQC - the ISO Standard Professionals

Markus W
Report Hunter