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Service in Egypt

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Shekhar ..
10989 Valley Cottage, New York

Jemone Paul
Market Research Store
33442 Deerfield Beach

Moatasem Mahmoud
Link Group
11211 Cairo
Business Management & Development | Operations|Quality Assurance & Control| Learning & Development| Occupational Safety| Aviation Security.

Michael Wurche
12411 Agouza-Cairo
Retired MD West Africa of Lufthansa, now security, management and tourism manager, trainer and coach

Drilling water wells, supply pumps, sole agent for the Russian company for pumps.

Marc Sidhom
I have 10 years of project management experience, organizational , IT, process re-engineering, products, business continuity & branches construction.

Training : Project Management HR Marketing

Batoul Heda
Smart Move For Management Services
Management consultant, HR consultant

Ashraf ُE. Mahmoud
11765 Cairo
Visitor University Lecturer and Free Lancer Instructor / Facilitator / Trainer for International Business Management & Banking Trade Finance.

A leading European Business School offering Graduate Diplomas, MBA and DBA programs in Egypt since 1997.

Gabriele Braun
Egypt Business Directory
68753 Waghäusel
About me

Mostafa Fouad
Pyramids Engineering & Construction

Mohamed Moawad
Cairo Metro Company

Smith Jose
Reports and Reports

Ahmed Hanafi
Go Partners

xiaomin chen
510000 Guangzhou
QYResearch focus on custom research, management consulting, IPO consulting, industry chain research, data base and seminar services.

Kareem Roshdy

smart office
smart office

Eman Abdelbakey
Smart Art

ayman ebied
شركة نقل الاثاث

Aghori baba ji
Love Problem Solution Aghori Baba Ji +91-7508576634

Karim Ahmed

Outset Consultants
Outset Consultants DWC LLC