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Paper, packaging and printing industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the paper, packaging and printing industry in Egypt - find companies related to paper and packaging, as well as the latest industry news.
The Egyptian market for paper, tissue, paperboard and pulp is expected to grow at an annual rate of 10% over the next three years.
Egypt ‘s paper market covers 78% of demand from imports and only 22% from domestic sources, what makes Egypt its self a very promising market with booming capabilities.
The Egyptian packaging industry has grown significantly in the last few years and targets the same in the coming years. According to the Export Council for Printing and Packaging Paper, Egypt aims a 20% increase in the exports of the packaging manufacturing sector in the next year.

Hayat Egypt
Cairo EG
Hayat works in the manufacture of baby diapers and wipes.
Soudan Shipping & Trading
El Shark Port Said EG
Agent of Cooperlat in the field of Vegetal creme (Italy), Pilm in the field of Vinegars & Pickles (France), Aceitaia d'Modena (Italy), etc.
i pack
Cairo EG
BVS Egypt
Nasr City EG