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Foundry Glass industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the construction industry in Egypt - find real estate agencies and suppliers, as well as the latest industry news.

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Specializing in installing all types of facades, glass & mirror decor, stained glass, glass aquariums, Securit, double glass, triplex
Art Glass
Cairo Internatinal Trade is a small sized family company.
The company executes all glass works including Securit facades, mirrors, triplex & double glazed.
A company specializing in all types of fiberglass, sentry kiosks, points of sale & service, chairs, umbrellas, kid’s games, car cabins
Traditional curtain walls, structure glazing, semi-structure, horizontal & vertical lining, composite panel cladding, skylights
Spider & frameless systems, interior & exterior shop facades, residential, administrative & commercial building entrances
Producer of glass products.
Founded in 1985, Nagy for Glass is considered to be one of the first in Egypt & worldwide to carry out all computerized glass works
Chartered Accountants, Buisness Constultants, Tax and legal advisors firm, with wide range of experience.
Al Negma Import & Export
Camp Cezar Alexandria
Sole agent of HP Zenker in Germany in the field of kitchen sweet ware product.
Smartpool builders
600002 Chennai
We are the pioneer suppliers of Smartpool in India who offer end-to-end solutions for building swimming pools with the smartest of features.
Importer of gas accessories and electronic instruments.
Manufacturer of Porcelain, Frit and Glaze for Ceramics.
Kandil Industries Group
Down Town Cairo
Yachts building, glass manufacturing, IT company and trading company.