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Ahmed Hassan
35627 Mansurah
I'm an experienced (+6 years) water treatment chemist, I worked on different types of water chemicals and treatment plants specially RO desalination.

The Company was estblished with a view to the exploitation of new and renewable energy and solar energy as a clean, green

Caroline yu
Shandong Dacheng machine Technology CO.,LTD

Eng. Axel Ceglie Swoboda
Mohandeseen, Giza
Solar Al Shams offers solutions with renewable energies, electric mobility technology and services for resource efficiency.

Adel Farag Mansour
Heliopolis Cairo
Soteergroup is one of the top water treatment companies in Egypt. It's due to the excellent teamwork and trained youth power.

Essam Hashem
Spear Ink was founded in 2006 based in Egypt committed to being The One Source for all your inkjet and toner remanufacturing needs.

Renewable energy, contracting, industrial and potable and water treatment.

Jeawin Huang
Toppla ABS HEDP Plastic Locker Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
361023 Xiamen

Union Seven is one of the companies which has a very special experiences based on Japanese experiences in many fields.

Mostafa Ibrahim Ghamry
Smouha, Alexandria
Integrated measuring, monitoring, detecting and inspection systems for the water, waste water oil and gas industries.

Ashraf Abd El-Moniem El-Telbani
Mostafa Kamel, Alexandria
Industrial wastewater treatment Sewage treatment. Water treatment, sea and brackish water desalination, ultra-filration and disinfection.

Maged Ghoraba
11799 Heliopolis Cairo
Water treatment company established early 2008 and working in reverse osmosis plants.