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Softex Releases GPS Sales Force Tracking System by the New Year 2014

In the light of MSEproject sponsored by ITIDA, Softex proudly announces that it will release GPS Sales Force Tracking by the New Year.
In the light of Middle Supporting MSEproject sponsored by Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Softex Software House proudly announces that it will release GPS Sales Force Tracking by the New Year 2014.

The project has taken off in June of this year. Softex has decided to assign for MSE project to present the GPS technology on Market Control (MC); their cloud based ERP system. Market Control includes HR module on which this new technology applied. It will work as a tracking system for the sales force.

The tracking system function can be briefly explained that GPS monitors sales representatives of any company; by giving the software detailed information concerning their location. It is integrated with Google Maps, and also providing advanced reporting engine.

GPS tracking helps companies get a grip on labor costs, especially overtime, especially those who own large sales force and technical support teams or maintenance crew. Since, it is functional for keeping the track of their employees. On the other hand, it will help the manager to make a precise evaluation depending on the system efficient reports.

It is worth to mention that Softex GPS Tracking System have gone through many phases. It begins by receiving the approval on Softex project from MSE panel in May 2013. Consequently, Softex Software House has signed a contract with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, who is considered their first client to acquire Mobile GPS Sales Force Tracking technology. Earlier this month, ITIDA has organized session for all the participants to run live test on their projects. Softex has succeeded test and has received the final approval of MSE panel.

Eventually, Softex Software House has accomplished all these phases. They planned to release the GPS Sales Force Tracking System on the 1st January to be used by their clients.
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