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ISITrace: The First Product Tracing Tool In Egypt

ISIS launched Egypt's first product tracing tool that helps customers get informed about the different products of the company.
ISIS launched Egypt's first product tracing tool recently, where customers can get full information about their ISIS product with just a couple of clicks.
Just get the unique Batch Number of your ISIS product (currently Milk and Date products only - other products follow on daily basis) and scan the QR-Code from your mobile device or go to from your web browser. Add now your unique Batch Number and find out the production date, nutrition facts, health benefits, the production cycle and the source of the raw material of your product.
"We strive to consume only products we trust and believe in. Therefore we are always interested in the production cycle and source of raw material of the products we consume.
We know our sources and production and we believe in us.
Today we want you to become a believer too, by serving you with full transparency about your ISIS products and we took great effort and time to develop this tool for you.
Enter the batch number of your product and become an ISIBELIEVER today!" says Thomas Abouleish, New Media & Customer Service Manager of ISIS.

Taste - Trace - Trust

Trace your product today and find out the great benefits of this tool yourself, such like:

• Get to know what is really inside your product!
• Get to know under which circumstances your product
has been produced!
• Experience the health benefits of your product!
• Read about the nutrition facts of your product!
• Be aware of what you consume!

We wish you a lot of fun tracing your product and are looking forward to your kind feedback.
ISIS For Food Industries
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