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ZERO-VET6 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

ZERO-VET6 all-digital ultrasonic diagnostic system Veterinary B ultrasound instrument is a new black and white ultrasound diagnostic equipment develo

by ZERO INSTRUMENT. ZERO-VET6 ultrasound system gathers the latest digital system architecture to provide high-quality two-dimensional images. Compared with traditional desktop and portable b/w products, it has more compact body and convenient features which will make it play a greater role in the field of veterinary. It is suitable for pigs, dogs, cats, sheep, cattle, horses and other animals.

1.Perfect Ergonomic Design

Compact, sophisticated, portable

5.6 inch LED display

Lightweight body

Soft switching on/off

User-friendly operation interface

Simple and beautiful operation panel

Fast, convenient and flexible touch-type keyboard operation

2.Advanced Technology and Function

Advanced digital signal processing technology

Leading digital beam former technology

NC dynamic frequency scanning technology

Real-time point by point dynamic focusing reception technology

Real-time dynamic aperture imaging

3.Powerful System Functions

Display mode: B, B + B

HD video playback

Image storage function

Parameters optimization and pre-set