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Manure Composting Machine | Self-Propelled Compost Turner

Compost is a kind of organic fertilizer accumulated and decomposed by various straw, garbage, peat, green manure, grass and other organic materials.

We adore composting because composting is essential for this environment. Compost turner machine is the equipment that can help make organic wastes composting and fermentation faster and better, which makes organic wastes become important raw materials for organic fertilizer production line.

The composting process employs billions of microorganisms to break down organics into the essential component of soil called humus. Grass clippings, food scraps and coffee grounds (“greens”) are mixed with dry leaves or branches (“browns”), spread into piles and churned by hand or machine to promote decay. It can take six to nine months for the materials to decompose completely. Compost is known to farmers as “black gold” because it helps plants take root and prevents soil erosion.
The earth has been recycling organics for billions of years. But according to Jean Bonhotal, the director of the Cornell Waste Management Institute, humans have interrupted that circular system by entombing valuable nutrients in landfills and relying on chemical fertilizers.