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We provide good inbound project
Viasia INC | 29.04.2016

Viasia INC is a growing firm in ITeS/BPO sector, with a sharp focus on enhancing the customer related processes. We are one of the organizations in ITeS/BPO industries which provide superior returns to clients through our production on time. Our services are inclined to both Domestic and International Clients. Integrity, Customer Satisfaction,Unremitting Enhancements and Innovation with a touch of unique professionalism are our epitomes.
As a full service solution provider, we offer end-to-end services such as Consultation, Quality Assurance and Development, Project Management, Customer Care Support Operations and Services. Our goal is to provide high quality, reliability and distinctive excellence motivated by high quality output to our customers.
We provide:-
1. Inbound Customer Care Support(travel and tourism)
2. Email/Chat Support and customer support project of MMA organisation

Please contact us for further details:-
Arjun Malhotra
+91 8820008814

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About the tenderer: Viasia INC

We provide good project in inbound and Email and chat support. For more details please contact me at +91 8820008814