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Education vs. Passion, Which Should Win?

Seven facts about how to balance between education and your passion.
Mohamed Tohami | 24.09.2011
"Are you crazy?"

"Do you want to throw five years of engineering education in the wastebasket just to follow what you call your 'passion'?"

"Forget about it. You'll never make it."

"You're qualified as an engineer and that is what you should do for the rest of your life."

"Don't waste five years of education, my dear."

Can you relate to these declarations? These bits of 'wisdom' that other people call 'advice'?

That was the first challenge I faced when I started following my passion and living my true purpose in life. This is what I heard from my parents, my friends, and my family. Sure, they were all just trying to give me their honest advice, but they didn't realize that there is only one path to success - and that is the path of passion!

The biggest challenge for me was figuring out how to start from scratch in a field that I knew nothing about. Could I do it just because I loved it? Would that work? Was it possible?

Did I really waste five years of education? Should I continue on that path just because I already spent five years of my life following it?

Let me tell you this bluntly, based on my experience and the point I've reached now, after five years of following my passion BOLDLY:

Fact #1: You can neglect five years of education - it's better than neglecting the rest of your life. Five years shouldn't determine or destroy the entire course of your life.

Fact #2: You only excel at what you love to do. Education won't make you excellent.

Fact #3: Education won't provide you satisfaction. Satisfaction only comes from your heart, by following your passion.

Fact #4: Your past should never control your future. As Stephen Covey says: "Live out of your imagination, not your history."

Fact #5: All great people achieved massive success because they followed their passion and their spiritual impulse.

Fact #6: Your true purpose in life is where your maximum passion lies. You can only embrace your life and get the most out of it if you follow your unique purpose. Otherwise, you just live a half-hearted, meaningless life.

Fact #7: I have never achieved greater levels of success and satisfaction than I did when I simply followed my passion. And I did it faster than I would have if I had taken any other path. In just five years, I became an internationally recognized success guru! And yes, I started without any previous knowledge or education.

Passion performs miracles, my friend.

Don't let anything or anyone override your passion.

Passion gives you a beautiful sense of freedom, satisfaction, and meaning.

To achieve massive success, you just need a passion that is much more powerful than all your fears and all that the naysayers tell you.

Unleash your passion, and feel the power of an enlightened life.

When you have to choose between Education and Passion, don't hesitate for a moment. If you want to live your ideal life, then there is only one answer.

And the answer is LIVE WITH PASSION.

The path to success is the path paved with passion.
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About the author: Mohamed Tohami

Mohamed Tohami is a bestselling author and motivational speaker who helps unfulfilled professionals find their purpose in life and live with passion.