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Egypt as a global logistics hub

Egypt is striving to position itself as a major global logistics hub, taking advantage of its unique geographic location and expanding infrastructure.
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Egypt, with its ancient civilization and historic trade routes, is not new to the world of commerce. In recent times, the nation has been making deliberate and strategic efforts to recapture its prominence on the world's economic stage, this time as a major global logistics hub. For potential foreign investors, this offers a plethora of opportunities, not just due to the nation's rich history, but because of its current initiatives, infrastructure development, and the government's forward-looking vision.


1. Geographical advantage: Bridging continents and oceans

Egypt's geographical position at the nexus of Africa, Asia, and Europe provides a unique strategic advantage, making it a natural focal point for international trade and transportation. The famed Suez Canal is testament to this advantage, facilitating the maritime movement between the East and West.


2. Pioneering transportation projects

Egypt has embarked on several infrastructural overhauls:

  • Roads: The nation has significantly ramped up its road infrastructure. The leap from 118th position in 2014 to a commendable 75th in 2018 showcases the success of these initiatives.

  • Ports: Aiming to handle three times the current trade volume, the government has strategic plans in place to expand ports' capacity from 120 million tonnes to a staggering 370 million tonnes by the end of this decade.


3. Welcoming investment opportunities

With nearly 80 logistics projects in the transportation sector, Egypt is rolling out the red carpet for private sector investment. For instance, the government has worked closely with numerous partners, as reflected in the establishment of the Tahya Misr multipurpose terminal at Alexandria Port and collaborations with global players like CMA CGM Group.


4. Embracing international collaboration

Egypt recognizes that international expertise can significantly accelerate its ambitions. Its intent to harness South Korean prowess in AI for logistics advancements exemplifies this belief.


5. Governmental vision and support

The government's determination is evident:

  • A clear vision for 2024: Egypt isn't just planning for the present. It envisions transforming itself into a notable logistics hub by 2024.

  • A ten-year roadmap: Beyond the immediate future, a 10-year strategy cements the country's commitment to this sector.

  • Financial backing: A significant chunk of recent loans acquired by Egypt has been funneled into the transportation sector, highlighting the emphasis on infrastructural and logistical development.


Press release insights:

Recent developments further substantiate Egypt's focused drive:

  • The formation of the Suez Canal Holding Company emphasizes harnessing economic opportunities through the canal, reflected by the impressive $7.9 billion revenue in 2022.

  • Trella, an Egyptian B2B logistics startup, showcases the burgeoning startup ecosystem in Egypt, receiving substantial funding and boasting partnerships with giants like Coca-Cola and Maersk.

  • Port Said Port's ranking in the World Bank's Container Port Performance Index, combined with 80 developmental projects across commercial ports, underscores Egypt's upward trajectory in maritime logistics.

  • Collaborations with international entities, like the French shipping company CMA CGM and the green hydrogen project with the Indian company ACME, reiterate Egypt's global aspirations and its appeal to foreign investors.



As Egypt steadfastly moves towards its goal of becoming a global logistics power player, it presents an enticing landscape for foreign investors. The nation's strategic location, coupled with the government's commitment and significant infrastructure projects, paints a promising picture for the future. For investors keen on capitalizing on logistics and transportation, Egypt is rapidly becoming an unmissable destination.