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Egypt Business Directory's Top 10 Reports in 2013

2013 has been a very turbulent year for Egypt - find out which reports were most read on Egypt Business Directory.

1. Egypt's 16 Richest Men:


A compilation of the background, success stories and wealth of Egypt’s 16 richest men. Although Egypt’s businessmen earn a late ranking in the long list of the World’s Richest People, they still set an example for successful business thinking and strategy.

2. Egypt's Top 10 Companies 2013:


Egypt’s renowned magazine Business Today published its 12th annual bt100 list for 2013, which evaluates and ranks the most valuable 100 companies in the Egyptian Exchange. This report shows which companies made it big and which dropped.

3. 12 Steps to Online Marketing in Egypt:


With over 33 million Egyptian internet users, online marketing and advertising has been receiving too little attention from companies in Egypt. The future, ladies and gentlemen, lies online. Learn how to enhance your online presence and boost your sales.

4. Egypt's 6 Most Powerful Women 2013:


The power of Egypt lies in its women – a popular point that was raised during the 25th of January revolution and after. Which Egyptian women have the most influence on public opinion and highest level of intellect?

5. Egypt's 8 Biggest Hotels 2013:


Egypt’s second-largest foreign currency earner is tourism – or at least that was the case before the 25th of January revolution. This report gives a brief about the Egyptian tourism sector and about the eight hotel brands that made it big in the past years.

6. Egypt's Economic Development Strategies 2013:


If you missed the Money and Finance 2013 Conference, download this report to read what Egypt's Ministers of Tourism, Housing, Utilities and Urban Development and Industry and Foreign Trade revealed about Egypt's economic development strategy in 2013.

7. Egypt's ICT - Facts and Figures 2013:


Egypt has a mobile penetration of 115%, while the internet’s contribution to the country’s GDP lies at 1%. Things are not always the way they seem and numbers sometimes speak louder than words. This report reveals what the country’s ICT sector numbers mean.

8. Egypt's Tourism - Challenges and Solutions 2013:


Egypt had taken several hits since 2011 in its tourism-sector. The numbers are more confusing than accurate and news-reports have been contradictory. In this report, the Minister of Tourism and several experts provide their insights on which challenges the tourism-sector faces and where the solutions lie.

9. Egypt's Industrial Real Estate 2013:


This report is all about the challenges faced by the real estate sector in Egypt with a special focus on industrial real estate. It identifies key investment opportunities in Egypt, and what can be done to promote this specific sector in the turbulent times which Egypt is witnessing.

10. Egypt's Fiscal Policies 2013:


This report summarizes numbers, statistics and plans concerning Egypt's fiscal policies and its economic recovery, as presented by of the Minister of Finance Dr. Ahmed Galal, Minister of Planning Dr. Ashraf El-Arabi, and Minister of Investment Osama Saleh.

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