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Egypt's top companies: the Power 34

Forbes Middle East published its Power 500 list, giving an account of the region’s top 500 companies – Egypt scored 34 times.
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<p>The companies were chosen according to an in-depth study into companies listed on stock exchanges across the region.</p>
<p>Here are Egypt’s winners and their current market value: </p>
<p>1. <b>Telecom Egypt </b> (Region rank: 45): $3.6 billion</p>
<p>2. <b>Commercial International Bank – CIB </b> (Region rank: 50): $2.8 billion</p>
<p>3. <b>National Societe Generale Bank – NSGB</b> (Region rank: 70): $2.3 billion</p>
<p>4. <b>TMG Holding</b> (Region rank: 85): $1.3 billion</p>
<p>5. <b>Eastern Tobacco</b> (Region rank: 109): $724.9 million</p>
<p>6. <b>Suez Cement</b> (Region rank: 122): $585.3 million</p>
<p>7. <b>ElSewedy Electric</b> (Region rank: 123): $754.8 million</p>
<p>8. <b>GB Auto </b> (Region rank: 132): $525.6 million</p>
<p>9. <b>Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals</b> (Region rank: 137): $1 billion</p>
<p>10. <b>EFG Hermes Holding </b> (Region rank: 142): $786.4 million</p>
<p>11. <b>Credit Agricole Egypt </b> (Region rank: 150): $501.8 million</p>
<p>12. <b>Oriental Weavers</b> (Region rank: 166): $316.4 million</p>
<p>13. <b>Faisal Islamic Bank</b> (Region rank: 194): $91 million</p>
<p>14. <b>Alexandria Cement</b> (Region rank: 195): $548.2 million</p>
<p>15. <b>Six of October Development and Investment</b> (Region rank: 201): $289.2 million</p>
<p>16. <b>Amer Group Holding</b> (Region rank: 229): $295.3 million</p>
<p>17. <b>Delta Sugar</b> (Region rank: 253): $263.1 million</p>
<p>18. <b>Cairo Poultry</b> (Region rank: 261): $179.1 million</p>
<p>19. <b>Sinai Cement</b> (Region rank: 271): $230.4 million</p>
<p>20. <b>Lecico Egypt</b> (Region rank: 303): $91.6 million</p>
<p>21. <b>Egyptian Chemical Industries – Kima </b> (Region rank: 308): $420.7 million</p>
<p>22. <b>Torah Cement</b> (Region rank: 309): $326.7 million</p>
<p>23. <b>Union National Bank Egypt</b> (Region rank: 323): $95.5 million</p>
<p>24. <b>Glaxo Smith Kline</b> (Region rank: 331): $124.1 million</p>
<p>25. <b>Zahraa Maadi Investment and Development</b> (Region rank: 376): $92.1 million</p>
<p>26. <b>Bisco Misr</b> (Region rank: 408): $61.7 million</p>
<p>27. <b>ElNasr Transformers – El Maco</b> (Region rank: 412): $62.4 million</p>
<p>28. <b>ElEzz Porcelain – Gemma</b> (Region rank: 430): $20.7 million</p>
<p>29. <b>Misr Chemical Industries </b> (Region rank: 446): $45.5 million</p>
<p>30. <b>Mohandes Insurance</b> (Region rank: 453): $15.1 million</p>
<p>31. <b>Delta Construction and Rebuilding </b> (Region rank: 462): $22.5 million</p>
<p>32. <b>Egyptians for Investment and Urban Development</b> (Region rank: 463): $63.4 million</p>
<p>33. <b>Arab Aluminum</b> (Region rank: 470): $11.1 million</p>
<p>34. <b>Belton Financial Holding </b> (Region rank: 491): $18 million </p>