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The laws of Mindmapping - from Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mindmaps, gives away the most important rules of his technique.

MindMapping helps putting ideas or notes to paper in a way that suits the processes in the human brain. In a recent study in Mexico, this type of note-taking and documenting increased young children’s creativity and performance in school by about 300%. Here is how to do it right:

1. Put an image in the center: A picture is worth a thousand words and putting an image at the center of the mindmap helps in summarizing broad ideas.

2. Use colors: Colors stimulate thoughts and help a person highlight, distinguish and group ideas.

3. Use even more images: Decorate your branches with as many images as possible.

4. Use curved lines: There are no straight lines in nature. All natural lines are curved and therefore, organic and easier to remember.

5. Limitless branches: A mindmap does not conform to a certain number of ideas – instead, one can infinitely branch it out.

6. Use one word per line.

7. Every branch radiates from the one before it: Avoid spaces between branches.

8. Each keyword has the same length as one branch.

9. The size of the branch and keyword relate to their priority.