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Samsung's most sold mobile devices in Egypt

Over 40% of the mobile device market in Egypt is dominated by Samsung – but which series and models actually sell most?

As Samsung is taking over the Egyptian smartphone and mobile device market bit by bit, its main aim is to grow closer to the Egyptian consumer – and it seems like it is working.

Last November, Samsung manufactured and released the best-selling mobile devices in the Egyptian market, owning over 40% of the mobile market share and 60% of the smartphone market monetary value. It also conquered 50% of the market’s smartphone-quantity.

But which models are the ones that are on the top of the market?

1. Galaxy SIII: The iPhone’s main competitor takes over the Egyptian smartphone-market.

3. Galaxy S Duos: The device with two SIMCards comes at place three.

5. Galaxy Star III Duos: The 2012-device comes at place 5.

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