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"Egypt" most discussed country in social media 2012

Social media has been exploding with news about Egypt for the past year and Arabs were actively discussing the country’s developments.
About 70% of the most shared and discussed topics in the Arab world on social media in 2012 were about Egypt. Political and religious issues were leading the quantitative and qualitative race.

One reason for that might be that Egypt’s penetration in social media is very high compared to a lot of other Arab countries. News portal Silicon India named Egypt the “most Facebook addicted country in the world.” Every user in Egypt makes an average of 380 Facebook posts per month. This equals to over 12 posts per day, per page. There are approximately 11.7 million Egyptians on Facebook which is less than the U.S. user base.

SocialEyez, a social media analytics company, monitored and analyzed social media trends in the Arab world in the last year and released an infograph summing up its findings. The data captured is based on thousands of discussions across Arabic language social media platforms, including blogs, microblogs, forums, message boards, reader comments sections on news websites etc.

Here are the most discussed topics about Egypt in 2012 (measured by volume of discussion):

1. Egypt divided over Morsi’s presidential decree. (November 25th)
2. Egyptians await contested constitutional poll results. (December 16th)
3. Egyptian Carmen Suleiman wins “Arab Idol” 2012. (March 25th)
4. Amr Khaled shares hajj journey with 5mln Facebook fans. (October 24th)
5. Egypt divided after Morsi’s address to the nation. (December 9th)

6. Egyptians await presidential race results. (May 27th)
7. Morsi speech at Non-Aligned Movement Summit draws Social Media interest. (September 2nd)
8. Overwhelming joy in Egypt over indicators of Morsi’s win in presidential elections. (June 18th)
9. Accusations of election fraud in favor of Ahmed Shafik. (May 27th)
10. Reports suggesting Mubarak clinically dead stirs debate in Egypt. (June 20th)

11. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood nominated Khairat ElShater for presidency. (April 1st)
12. Court clears way for Hazem Abu Ismail in mother’s citizenship case (April 12th)
13. Facebook Group ‘We are all Khaled Said’ discusses Abu Ismail’s situation on presidential elections. (April 17th)
14. Tawfik Okasha threatens to kill President Mohamed Morsi if attends military funeral of Sinai victims. (August 8th)
15. Egyptian ex-presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi TV interview stirs debate. (May 30th)

16. Masked gunmen kill 16 Sinai border guards (August 6th)
17. Supreme Council of Armed Forces sends statement #5 to the Egyptian people before the called-for general strike. (February 12th)
18. Constitutional Court overturns Morsi’s Parliament order. (July 12th)
19. Sheikh AbdelRahim AlSharawi, son of Mohammad Mitwali AlSharawi, dies. (January 10th)
20. Egypt’s interior minister denies use of shotgun to disperse protesters. (February 7th)

21. First message of 2012 by Egypt’s military council stirs controversy. (January 22nd)
22. AlAhly defeat Congo’s Mazembe by a rough 2-1. (July 9th)
23. Egyptian satirical writer Galal Amer dies. (February 13th)
24. Egyptian judiciary under huge attacks for releasing two American spies. (March 4th)
25. Egypt’s Coptic Pope Shenouda III dies. (March 18th)

Other countries that were eagerly discussed on social media in 2012 were Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Syria.
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