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Egypt's Zeitgeist: Most searched keywords in 2012

Google Zeitgeist comes back with its summary of 2012 top search terms in the Egypt.
Here is what Egyptians searched for in 2012:

Egypt’s Top Trending Query:
Port Said Incident – where 74 young football fans were killed in an attack on the Port Said Stadium during a match between AlAhly and Port Said’s ElNadi ElMasry.

Egypt’s Top Trending People:
Tawfik Okasha – a controversial moderator and head of the ElFara’een TV-channel.

Egypt’s Top Trending Politician:
Nader Bakar – Media Spokesman of the extremist Islamist Salafist Movement and AlNour Party.

Egypt’s Most Searched Sports Team:
Al Zamalek – One of the top football-teams in Egypt.

Egypt’s Most Search Egyptian Olympian:
Karam Gaber – Two-time-Olympic-Medalist in Greek Wrestling.

Egypt’s Top Trending Celebrity:
Nishan Dirharotionyan – a Lebanese TV-Moderator.

Egypt’s Top Trending News Outlet:
Youm7 – an independent, privately owned daily newspaper.

Egypt’s Top Trending Travel Destination:
Al Ein Al Sokhna – located at the Red Sea.

Egypt’s Top Trending Image Search:
Egypt’s flag

Egypt’s Top Trending Food & Drink Search:
Strawberry juice

Egypt’s Top Trending Fashion label:
Ted Baker

Egypt’s Top Trending Song:
Haqqy Bra’ebty – A song from the Soundtrack of ElSobki’s film “Game Over”, starring Egyptian actress Yousra.

Egypt’s Top Trending TV Program:
Sabaya Al Kheer – a TV-program on ElNahar Chanel, with moderator Riham Said, discussing mostly controversial, social topics.

Egypt’s Most Searched TV Sitcom:
Fatma – a Turkish, Arabic-dubbed TV-series.

Egypt’s Top Trending Musician:
Mashrou’ Leila – a Lebanese alternative rock band.

Egypt’s Most Searched Athlete:
Cristiano Ronaldo – captain of the Portuguese National Team and forward player in Real Madrid.
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