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Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla, the Marketeer vs the Engineer

Edison vs Tesla
Who is more famous? Who impacted our daily life more than the other?
If your answer is Thomas Edison, then this article is for you.
Ayman Ismail | 02.12.2012
Who invented the light bulb?
Who invented the alternating current (AC) that is commonly used in our daily life?

Most probably, your answer will be Thomas Edison, but is it right that Edison invented these products?does he deserve the fame he got?

Edison did not invent light bulb, Tesla did ,so why it was linked with edison's name? the answer is Edison managed to sell it.

Edison beleived the value of his inventions is measured by how much money they made, he was neither a mathematician nor a scientist,he did not invent, he just hire people to invent for him and for his organization.

Tesla used to work for Edison , everyday Edison was getting richer from Tesla's invention, Tesla was getting poorer, Tesla once asked Edison after completing a job for him (Where is the money you promised me?),Edison replied (Tesla, You still don't understand our american humor)

Tesla invented the AC while Edison invented the DC, it is already known that AC is the current used electrical system all over the world.
Some opinions said that Tesla only improved the already existing AC systems, however Tesla was supporting the AC system while Edison went for the DC, at the end it turns that AC is the winner.

Not only that, Tesla put the main theories that most of today's main inventions are based upon: Radio,Radar,X-Rays, ball lightning,electric motor and wirless communication.

There is an electrical measurement unit with his name on it.

However, Tesla died broke and alone in a NYC hotel room, he had been living on milk and crackers.

The difference between Edison an Tesla is simply the difference between a marketeer and an engineer, Edison wasn't as Tesla when it comes for inventions and patents.but Edison was a real marketeer and a real business man, he knows how to sell and promote his ideas, he knows how to turn his inventions into money, how to get the credit for his inventions.

Simply he was a real marketeer
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