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Hiring in Egypt? - A checklist

Countries treat their labor forces differently – here is what you need to know about Egypt’s guidelines and laws.
When hiring workers or employees, one should consider Egyptian labor rights and legal restraints. The ‘Doing Business 2013’-report offers a checklist of what is allowed and what is frowned upon in Egypt:

- Fixed-term contracts prohibited for permanent tasks: No
- Maximum length of fixed-term contracts: 24 months
- Minimum wage for a 19-year-old worker or an apprentice: $113/month
- Ratio of minimum wage to value added per worker: 0.33
- 50-hour workweek allowed: Yes
- Maximum working days per week: 6
- Premium for night work (% of hourly pay): 0
- Premium for work on weekly rest day (% of hourly pay): 0
- Major restrictions on night work: No
- Major restrictions on weekly holiday work: No
- Paid annual leave: 24 working days
- Dismissal due to redundancy allowed by law: Yes
- Third-party notification if 1 worker is dismissed: Yes
- Third-party approval if 1 worker is dismissed: Yes
- Third-party notification if 9 worker is dismissed: Yes
- Third-party approval if 9 worker is dismissed: Yes
- Retraining or reassignment: No
- Priority rules for redundancies: Yes
- Priority rules for reemployment: No
- Notice period for redundancy dismissal: 10.1 weeks of salary
- Severance pay for redundancy dismissal: 26.7 weeks of salary
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