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What you should know about Facebook in 2012

Facebook is making it big - & the world cannot do anything but watch 845 million monthly active users share information & getting to know each other.
Facebook has – without a doubt - become the most popular social network in the world today, and hence, statistics about its usage never failed to amaze businessmen and –woman.

In 2012, Facebook enjoys the company of 845 million monthly active users worldwide – 425 million of which are mobile users, according to “The Social Media Today”(TSMT), a prominent online portal revolving around the development of social media. Additionally, Facebook was able to build over 100 billion connections.

Facebook’s main figures are Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) and Sheryl Sandberg (COO). Zuckerberg’s base salary is $500,000 and has a personal worth of $17.5 billion, while Sandberg’s base salary amounts to $300,000 and has earned $31 million in 2011.

Wondering where this money comes from? 50% comes from advertising, while Zynga games account for 12% of Facebook’s revenue. The remaining 38% come ffrom other sources. Yet, this division will now change, due to Facebook’s Initial Public Offering-decision. In 2009, Facebook’s net income was $229 million, which increased to $606 million in 2010, and rose up to $1 billion in 2011.

When looking at the Facebook-usage figures in different continents, it becomes noticeable that Europe is in the lead with 223,376,640 users, yet, this only amounts to 27.5% of its population. Below are the statistics for other continents and regions:
- Asia: 183,963,780 users (4.7% of population)
- North America: 174,586,680 users (50.3% of population)
- Latin America: 141,612,220 users (25.5% of population)
- Africa: 37,739,380 users (3.6% of population)
- Middle East: 18,241,080 users (8.4% of population)
- Oceania/Australia: 13,353,420 users (37.7% of population)
- The Caribbean: 6,218,960 users (15% of population)

As for Facebook User Averages, it is proven that more females (57%) than males (43%) use the social network. Both genders upload 250 million photos on a daily basis, generate 2.7 billion “Likes” a day, and spend about 20 minutes online per visit.

When talking about the entertainment-part, Facebook users are becoming increasingly interested in online games. The 10 most popular games are:
1. Gardens of Time
2. The Sims Social
3. Cityville
4. Double Down Casino
5. Indiana Jones
6. Words with Friends
7. Bingo Blitz
8. Empires and Allies
9. Slotomania
10. Diamond Dash

The fastest growing games of 2012 are:
1. Hidden Chronicles (+135%)
2. Pool Live Tour (+7%)
3. Tetris Battle (+6%)
4. Diamond Dash (+5%)
5. Bubble Witch Saga (+5%)
6. Words with Friends (+4%)
7. Empires and Allies (+4%)
8. Monster World (+4%)
9. Bubble Island (+3%)
10. Texas HoldEm Poker (+2%)

Without a doubt, Facebook is an essential tool for promoting any business, and the above statistics show exactly why: Nothing and no one has ever offered a wider range of target audience than this company which was started by a frustrated college student who was trying to boost his popularity and help others find dates.
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