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Google Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer as the most used browser

When comparing between browser giants Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera, one notices how fast Chrome's popularity is growing.
Next Web | 22.05.2012
Google Chrome has been long expected to leapfrog Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) to take its position as the Web’s most used browser and, according to data from Statcounter, the momentous change of leadership happened last week.

The firm’s latest figures — spotted by Global Nerdy blogger Joey deVilla – show that Chrome’s line of usage creeped to overtake IE’s for the first week ever, with Firefox, Safari and Opera completing the top five respectively.

Statcounter’s findings give Google a double win, after the analytics site found that its mobile browser — Android Robot — had leapfrogged Opera to become the most popular option for mobile-based Web surfers in March.

Measuring the Web is an imprecise science, very often based on scaling up small scale measurement surveys, but the gist of Statcounter’s data over the last year indicates that Chrome use is rising of Chrome at the expense of IE and Firefox, regardless of the exact precision of the data.

Statcounter first found Chrome to be ahead for just one day, back on March 18, and its breakdown of browser usage over May to date puts Chrome and IE almost neck-and-neck at around 33 percent for the month. However, given that last week saw Chrome push ahead, May could become the first month during which the Google-owned browser has been the most popular option.

Google Chrome has come on leaps and bounds since launching in 2008. Extensions are a key part of the browser’s appeal, with the latest additions including a scheduler for Google+, a Pinterest like script and these further 9 recommended extensions.

Google is big on internationalising its service and Chrome is now different. For example, its My Chrome Theme social tool just became available in 36 more languages, to help increase its appeal across the planet.

Microsoft isn’t taking the challenge lying down and Statcounter recently suggested that the latest version of IE (9) is making progress, and is seeing particularly marked usage over the weekends.

Regardless of whether Chrome can maintain its momentum over the rest of May to top the month’s use, Chrome is on the up and we’d expect it to reign supreme in the Web browser world sooner rather than later.
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