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Ease of African, especially Egyptian Entrepreneurship

It takes seven days to open your own business in Egypt - compared to 34 days on a global scale.
Gehad Hussein | 05.04.2012
It takes about 34 days (in average) to start a business in our world. What does that mean?

It means that the number of calendar days needed to complete the procedures to legally operate a business is 34 on a global range.

The interesting thing is that African countries are way below average, as shown in the following statistics according to the World Bank:
- Morocco: 12
- Algeria: 24
- Tunisia: 11
- Egypt: 7
- Ethiopia: 9
- Kenya: 33
- Mozambique: 13
- Madagascar: 7
- South Africa: 22
- Zambia: 18
- Angola: 68
- Ghana: 12
- Senegal: 8
- Mali: 8
- Nigeria: 31
- Rwanda: 3
- Tanzania: 29

So technically, it is easier to start a business in Egypt than it is in other parts of the world. Entrepreneurs, grab the chance!

Additional information: If a procedure can be speeded up at additional cost, the fastest procedure, independent of cost, is chosen. This information dates back to 2010.
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About the author: Gehad Hussein

Former Editor-in-Chief at Egypt Business Directory and Freelance Editor at Ahram Weekly.