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A Guide To Your Next Marketing Job

Do you see yourself as a marketing person? Do you need to develop your marketing knowledge and skills? Here is a list of training centers in Egypt.
Norah Mohsen | 03.01.2012
Marketing is an essential department in any company, it is the main factor for businesses to grow. gathered some information about centers, academies and organisations that provide training courses in Egypt.

1) International Center For Etudes (ICE)

Strategic Marketing course:

- The Concepts of Strategic Planning.
- Dimensions of Strategic Marketing Planning.
- The Levels of Strategy.
- The Marketing Strategy.
- Strategic Marketing Planning.
- Market Segmentation & Positioning.
- Strategic Marketing Analytical Tools.

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2) American University in Cairo (AUC)

Marketing Courses (MKTG):

This course is offered in fall and spring, it focuses on the analysis and management of marketing systems, characteristics of marketing systems, the management of marketing activities of the firm, physical distribution management, and social performance of marketing.

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3) Narita Academy

Marketing & Sales course, divided up into modules:

- Module 1: Marketing Your Business.
- Module 2: Advertising & Promotion.
- Module 3: Personal Selling Skills.

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4) YAT Learning Solutions

Cambridge International Diploma in Business - Marketing

Upon completion of this course, the trainee should be able to:

- Understand and describe the purposes and functions of a marketing culture.
- Investigate and explain the reasons for, and use of, marketing research for business decisions.
- Understand how to identify customer needs and target segments.
- Understand and explain the meaning and use of the marketing planning process.
- Explain and apply the marketing mix to a product or service.

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5) ESLSCA Business School

Graduate Diploma in International Marketing

- Marketing Management
- International Marketing
- Integrated Marketing Communication
- Customer Behavior
- Marketing Research
- Marketing Strategy

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6) Impact Egypt

Marketing Management course

7) Professional Training House (PTH)

Marketing & sales course.

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8) Integrated Training Services

Marketing and Sales Program Contents:

Marketing Concepts

- Evolution of the marketing concept
- Relationship between marketing and selling
- Scope of marketing management.
– Analyzing opportunities, selecting target segments, developing market mix, managing the marketing effort.

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9) Career Development Organization (CDO)

Marketing Programs:

- Marketing.
- Pharmaceutical Marketing.
- Developing Marketing Strategy.
- Diploma in Marketing.
- New Marketing Strategies.

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10) CTC Academy

Business Marketing Diploma:

Marketing Concepts:

- Evolution of the marketing concept.
- The Value Chain concept.
- The Holistic Marketing approach.
- Relationship between Marketing, Selling and Supply Chain.
- Marketing Strategic and Operational Objectives.
- Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.
- The Brand Equity.
- The Involvement Concept.
- Introducing the product life cycle concept (PLC).
- Product Diffusion Patterns.
- The Marketing Mix.

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