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Sucessful Talks on How to Expand Trade Between the U.S and Egypt

Another great reason to learn the Arabic language, as business is expanding between the U.S and the Arab world.
Another great reason to learn the Arabic language, as business is expanding between the U.S and the Arab world. Soon many corporate companies in the U.S will be trading with companies in all sectors.

Last month from Washington the U.S stated the were keen to expand trading links with Egypt, the most populated country in the Arab world. A U.S. economic trade official said this will also help the country in its process towards democracy.

The U.S deputy of trade Miriam Sapiro stated the the U.S regards the high importance of developing their trading relationship with Egypt. She recently attended a positive meeting near Jordan with the Mahmoud Eisa, Egypt’s Minister for trade and industry.

It was established at the meeting that both parties have a great commitment to increase investments and trading and work closely together to improve economic partnerships by encouraging integration amongst the Arab regions.

There will be further talks next month in Washington between Mahmoud and Miriam who’s mission is to improve the U.S economy in answer to the ‘Arab Spring’ recent events.

Trading greatly increased in 2010 by 30% to $9.1 billion and this year investments into Egypt have risen to $11.7 billion a percentage of 28.4. This year during the first eight months showed steady trading reaching $6 billion despite the resignation of Hasni Mubarak the President.

Back in May the U.S President Barak Obama stated there was a new relationship to cement the partnerships in response to the many changes occurring in the Arab World. The plans are said to be aimed at other regions of the Arab world including North Africa and the whole of the Middle East, focusing mainly on Tunisia and Egypt.

Also as the situation begins to become more stable in Libya this will soon become another focus.

Eventually the goal will hopefully develop free trading between the regions that will be willing to reform and lessen trade restrictions.

This is is great news for both economies, and a positive move to strengthening trading partnerships.