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Egypreneur Culture

Five principles that the entrepreneur-community in Egypt should abide by, in order to create a better entrepreneurial atmosphere.
Abdelrahman Magdy | 02.11.2011
We thought of a few pillar or principles that abide all our strategies, plans and actions that while working on Egypreneur and influence the entrepreneurship community in Egypt to abide with these principles, creating a better entrepreneurial atmosphere! These principles are as follows:

Original: There is this unique breathtaking fragrance and special attraction to everything that stems from original source and created from original inspiration, that’s why while building this organization “Egypreneur” we’re embracing originality in everything we do. And by this, we’re passing this quality to all entrepreneur in Egypt as one of the main pillars of a startup-nation-to-be.

Creative: Creativity is the driver for innovation and then entrepreneurship, as an entity that seeks to promote innovation and entrepreneurship we’ll embrace creativity in everything we do, it might seem like crazy sometime, but, hey, aren’t we talking about entrepreneurship?

Consistent: Connecting things together and associating action with meaning, beside being apparent in our logo, we have all our important meetings on the Nile, and we love leaving you thinking about our next move analyzing our flow of thoughts, principles and actions.

Focused: There are plenty of things that can be done at any given time, as we evaluate and decide, focus should be placed on achieving specific objectives, conveying specific messages, getting involved with a limited number of projects depending on the resources available.

Inspiring: We seek to spread inspiration in the way we think about it and reflect it to people. By the end of the day what Egypreneur can do best is inspiring people to action, that should also be an integrated part of our communication as a team.

Sustainable: In our communications, activities and plans we should keep in mind how to keep this relationship sustainable with the person I’m emailing right now, how to keep the effect created during an event even increasing, how to take care of our data. Sustainability makes the effect of the work to be done in the next 6 months extend to maybe years to come.
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About the author: Abdelrahman Magdy

CEO and Founder of Egypreneur and Founder and Managing Director of Al-Adham Web Solutions.