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Ebda2 with Google: The Program and Workshops

Explore the details of Google's initiative "Ebda2", incl. Programs, Workshops, Timeline, as well as important dates and deadlines.
Google Egypt | 31.10.2011
The 7-month-initiative started on the 26th of September 2011, and will come to an end on the 3rd of May 2012.

1. Competition Rounds:

The competition is divided into three Stages, an application stage (Stage 0) and three subsequent competitive stages. Applicants will be filtered until we arrive at the ultimate winner of the grand prize.

Stage 0 - Online Application:
Entrepreneurs can apply to participate in the competition through the website with the online application system. Applicants will complete a form explaining their idea, how far they have developed it, as well as information about themselves and their colleagues. Judges will evaluate all of the applications submitted and select the 200 brightest and most promising of them to participate in the competition.

Stage 1 - Distributed Pitches:
The participating teams selected by the judges will be expected to submit (through the website) a document outlining a Business Concept. They will then be invited to give a 5-minute preliminary pitch. The events where these preliminary pitches are held will be distributed in 10 locations, in multiple cities across Egypt. Locations will be selected to custom fit the locations of our contestants; meaning we will go down to cities and provinces and meet with the applicants who qualified.

Stage 2 - Semi-Final Exhibition, Business Summaries & Pitches:
Stage 2 will be the Semi-Finals of the competition, in which the 50 remaining contestants will be required to do three things:
a. Present a prototype/working model in an individual booth (Exhibition)
b. Submit a Business Summary document
c. Pitch the business to a panel of Judges
All three components will be incorporated into the contestants' score. Based on these scores, 20 finalists will be selected.

Stage 3 - Final Exhibition, Business Plans & Pitches:
In the final stage of the competition, a panel of Judges will again evaluate the 20 remaining contestants based on a combination of:
a. Submitted Business Plan documents
b. Product Demo
c. Final pitch
At the conclusion of this event, Judges will select the winner of the competition who's funding needs up to $200,000 will be satisfied.

2. Education & Mentoring Events:

a. Entrepreneurial Crash Course:
The Crash Course will be a 2-3 day event (December 13-15) where ALL applicants who were accepted to participate in the competition (all that passed Stage 0) will be invited to attend. Googlers and and prominent members of the Egyptian tech community will give the participants lectures about important concepts related to running a business.

b. Mentoring Workshops
Four Mentoring Workshops will be held (January 2012-March 2012), each of which lasts a total of 6 hours. The format of the workshops will consist of 5 sessions, with 15-minute breaks in between including the following:
- Two one-on-one mentoring meeting sessions
- An applied business skills training session
- An inspirational talk given by experienced entrepreneurs
- A thought-provoking open discussion on current topics

3. Important Deadlines:
- Monday, 31 October 2011 - Stage 0: Application Deadline
- December 2011 - Stage 1: Business Concept Submission Deadline
- March 2012 - Stage 2: Business Summary Submission Deadline
- April 2012 - Stage 3: Business Plan Submission Deadline

4. Timeline:

November 2011:
24th: Acceptance Announcement of Stage 0

December 2011:
14th - 16th: Entrepreneurial Crash Course
20th: Business Concept Submission Deadline
26th: Cairo Pitch Event
27th: Alexandria Pitch Event
28th Minia Pitch Event
29th: Fayoum Pitch Event

January 2012:
2nd: Suez Pitch Event
3rd: Hurghada Pitch Event
4th: Aswan Pitch Event
5th: Zagazig Pitch Event
9th: Mansoura Pitch Event
10th: Asyout Pitch Event
15th: Semi-Finalists Announcement
18th: Mentoring Workshop 1

February 2012:
1st: Mentoring Workshop 2
15th: Mentoring Workshop 3
29th: Mentoring Workshop 4

March 2012:
10th: Business Summary Submission Deadline
15th: Semi-Finals Event

April 2012:
14th: Business Plan Submission Deadline

May 2012:
3rd: Finals Event
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