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4 Egyptian companies on the World's Leading Companies list 2011

Four Egyptian companies including a bank were listed on the Forbes Global 2000 Leading Companies list for 2011.
Norah Mohsen | 28.10.2011
1. Orascom Construction Industries

#1129 on the 2000 Global list

Market Cap $8.02 B

Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) is involved primarily in construction and fertilizer industries. The Company's purpose is contracting, manufacturing, engineering services, supply and installation of machinery, equipment, tools, materials and supplies required for construction activities in Egypt and Internationally. It also undertakes residential,industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects for public and private customers in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. It is also involved in the import and export activities as well as leasing equipments.
Its Fertilizer Group produces different types of nitrogen-based fertilizers, including urea and ammonia. Its Cement Group is involved in cement, aggregates, ready-mix concrete and cement bags manufacturing activities in Egypt, Algeria, northern Iraq, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Spain. In May 2010, it announced that the acquisition of Koninklijke DSM N.V.'s agro and melamine businesses has been finalized.

* Industry: Construction Services
* Founded: 1950
* Country: Egypt
* CEO: Nassef Sawiris
* Employees: 88,000
* Sales: $4.75 B

* #1490 in Sales
* #886 in Profit
* #1683 in Assets
* #1163 in Market value

2. Orascom Telecom

# 1591 on the Global 2000 list

Market Cap $3.21 B

Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. (OTH) is a mobile telecommunications company engaged primarily in network operation activities in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Its segments include global system for mobile communications, which covers mobile telecommunications services activities of the Company, including sale of pre-paid telephone cards, post-paid and monthly subscriptions packages, telephone packages and roaming; telecom services, which includes the sale of handsets,
including ring tones and other cell phone products and activities relating to the rental of portals to allow satellite roaming calls and value added service activities, and Internet and fixed line, which includes the Internet and fixed telecommunications services of the Company. In July 2010, OTH completed the sale of its Internet services arm, LINKdotNET and Link Egypt, to the Egyptian Company for Mobile Services. In January 2011, it completed the sale of Orascom Tunisia Holding Ltd and Carthage Consortium Ltd.

* Industry: Telecommunications services
* Founded: 1981
* Country: Egypt
* CEO: Khaled Galal Bichara
* Employees: 17,213
* Sales: $5.13 B

* #1395 in Sale
* #1434 in Profit
* #1474 in Assets

3. Telecom Egypt

#1899 on the Global 2000 list

Market Cap $4.63 B

Telecom Egypt Company is an Egypt-based joint stock company that provides landline, retail and wholesale telecommunication services. The Company's retail telecommunication services include access, local, long distance and international voice, Internet, data and other telecommunications-related services. Its wholesale services include broadband capacity leasing, Internet service and national and international interconnection services. Telecom Egypt Company has six subsidiaries, namely TE Data- S.A.E. (95.04%), an Internet service provider; The Egyptian Telecommunication Company for Information Systems (Xceed) - S.A.E. (97.66%); Middle East Radio Communication (MERC) - S.A.E. (50.90%), a company engaged in wireless communications; Centra Technologies - S.A.E. (58.76%), a manufacturer and distributor of personal computers; Telecom Egypt
France (100%), and TE Investment Holding (100%). The Company also has investments in real estate for serving its purposes and projects.

* Industry: Telecommunications services
* Country: Egypt
* CEO: Tarek Tantawy
* Sales: $1.82 B
* #954 in Profit
* #1831 in Market value

4. Commercial International Bank

#1914 on the Global 2000 list

Market Cap $3.64 B

Commercial International Bank (Egypt) (CIB) is an Egypt-based financial institution that carries out commercial banking activities in Egypt through its head office, 108 branches and 47 units. The Bank offers its services through three business units: Institutional Banking, Small- to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Consumer Banking. Its Institutional Banking segment covers corporate banking, treasury, direct investments and structured finance. The SMEs division offers short- and medium-term financing, contract financing and guarantees. Its Consumer Banking division offers accounts, loans, residential property finance, CIB wealth, and a range of CIB debit and credit cards. CIB also offers investment services through its subsidiary, CI Capital Holding Company.

* Industry: Regional Banks
* Founded: 1975
* Country: Egypt
* CEO: Hisham Ezz Al-Arab
* Employees: 4,327
* Sales: $1.08 B
* #1560 in Profit
* #1244 in Assets