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The Importance of Egypt to the US Economy

The economic relationship between Egypt and the United States has been developing and expanding quickly over the last twenty years.
Arab American Business | 13.10.2011
The economic relationship between Egypt and the United States has been developing and expanding quickly over the last twenty years. Egypt and the US have a mutually beneficial trading relationship, with each country making substantial exports to the other. The governments of Egypt and the United States have worked together to develop and sustain a good business relationship.

The United States is the most important trading partner for the Egyptian economy. One fifth of the imports that come into Egypt originate in the United States, so the relationship with the US is very important for Egypt. Egypt also plays an important role in the US economy, as an important destination for exports. The US receives about one eighth of all Egyptian exports, but this accounts for less than one tenth of a percent of the total imports that come into the United States.

The United States is a major investor in the Egyptian economy. US investments in Egypt are very important for both countries, adding up to over 2 billion dollars. Many of the American firms that have an interest in Egypt are involved in the energy sector. Oil and natural gas production are very important in the Egyptian economy and they provide energy for import into the United States, as well as important investment opportunities for American companies. About 30 percent of foreign investments in this sector in Egypt come from the United States. However, the banking sector and manufacturing industry in Egypt are also important beneficiaries of American investments.

The United States has played an important role in the economic development of Egypt, benefiting in turn from the good trading, investment and business relationship that has grown up between the two countries. The amount of financial and economic assistance provided by the United States to Egypt is now decreasing since the Egyptian economy has grown much stronger than when the assistance program started. The good business relationship between the two countries continues, however, and Egypt has become an important part of the US economy, as a trading and investment partner.

The United States is a major exporter of food products such as soybeans, corn and wheat into Egypt. The Egyptian market is one of the most important destinations for wheat exports from the United States. Sales of agricultural produce to Egypt generate about 2 billion dollars a year for the United States.

Egypt also plays an important role in the US economy because of the strong political links between the two countries and the importance of Egypt in the Arab world. Egypt's strategic location and its political position in the Middle East make it an important partner for the United States. The relationship between the US and Egypt is not only important for the direct trade which the US benefits from with Egypt, but because it helps to maintain stability in the region, which enables the US to trade with other Arab countries.

The website is a good source of more information about the significance of the relationship between the United States and other Arab countries, as well as the links between the US and the Arab world as a whole.
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