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The PERI Formwork Load Monitor

System-related determination of the pouring rate
Peri GMBH | 25.07.2011
The formwork load monitor serves to determine the pouring rate for selected PERI formwork systems. This online tool supports the user thereby in the application of DIN 18218 and is characterised by its ease of use as well as clear graphical presentations.

In 2008, the revised version of the standard "DIN 18218, January 2008. Fresh concrete pressure on vertical formwork" was published. It covers a new classification of the consistency classes and includes easily compactable concrete (F5 and F6) as well as self-compacting concrete (SCC).

Related to system formwork, there has been some uncertainty among a number of users regarding the calculation of the fresh concrete pressure and its application for wall formwork systems. The Formwork Load Monitor was therefore developed to provide support for system formwork users.

The tool offers the possibility to digitally show the standard in a clear way in connection with certain PERI wall formwork systems. It provides a fast answer to the question, at what speed can be concreted for the formwork system being used and the given concreting height. With this, the formwork systems will be then cost-effectively and efficiently utilized regarding loads and tolerances.

With this online tool, PERI counteracts the risk of overloading, large deformations or even “non-compliance” with the requirements and thus supports the user in his day-to-day work with the PERI wall formwork systems TRIO, MAXIMO and DOMINO.

The functions of the online tool at a glance
? fast calculation of the fresh concrete pressure and maximum rate of rise according to DIN 18218:2010­01 – a very simple process with just a few clicks
? determining the maximum pouring rate for the PERI wall formwork systems TRIO, MAXIMO and DOMINO depending on tolerances requirements
? clear graphical representations of all results as well as the standard assembly of the various wall formwork systems – on the screen and for printing as a PDF file