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eMarketing Egypt Releases the First Report About the Internet and the Revolution in Egypt

How Egyptians dealt with the internet during the revolution
eMarketing Egypt | 26.07.2011
July 06, 2011

It’s arguably proven that the internet had played the most important role as a tool that led to the successful revolution in Egypt, eMarketing Egypt undertook the initiative to explore how Egyptians dealt with the internet during the revolution.

Ossama El-Badawy, the Online Competitive Intelligence Manager, stated that it is obvious that the internet in Egypt witnessed a dramatic growth after the revolution; the following figures just give a quick view for the current interment status in Egypt:

- 23+ million Internet users,
- 7.7+ million Facebook users,
- And 100%+ Twitter users growth during recent months

The survey ( was dedicated to explore in details the way Egyptians dealt with the internet during the revolution, the main findings can be listed as below:

- 28% of internet users purely relied on the Internet to stay tuned with the revolution news and updates
- This percentage goes up to 63% among those who participated in the demonstrations
- The Internet had solely shaped the views of 17% of users regarding the recent events
- As expected, Facebook had been the prime tool used to tie up with events and news as mentioned be 71% of users
- Finally, 45% of users will increase their reliance on the Internet to tie up with coming news and events

eMarketing Egypt ( is the first company in Egypt and in MENA region to provide integrated e-marketing solutions backed with the art and science of online competitive intelligence.