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Beblawi confirms right of state to respond or delay meeting demands

Dr, Hazem Al Biblawi, the Deputy Premier and the Minister of Finance described different community demands as "legitimate right".
In a bid to deal with legitimate and pressing community demands, the Ministry of Finance called on the ministers and governors to look into those demands, urging them to draw up timetables for fulfilling them in the light of available budget appropriations.

Dr, Hazem Al Biblawi, the Deputy Premier and the Minister of Finance described different community demands as "legitimate right" adding however that citizens have the right to declare their demands and the state has the option either to respond or to puff off meeting these demands and cite its justifications.

Biblawi warned against strong desire by some quarters to active community demands without taking into account the current difficulties faced by the national economy, saying these desires will have their negative implications to the budget, the volume of production and increase of the public debt.

He said among the dominant principles of the budget of the fiscal year 2011-2012 which he described as a difficult transitional period, are commitment to appropriations, introducing no new items which are not originally mentioned. He said transparency and disclosure are the main aspects of the general budget, adding all citizens have the right to know the contents and goals of the budget.

He said the state general budget should originally target the interests of all citizens, taking care of the limited income brackets, reactivating economic growth, increasing job opportunities and restricting unemployment. He said incomes and living standards are increased through doubling efforts. He said general spending is not an end in itself but it represents the main basis of achieving development.

Deputy PM Heads For Washington

Deputy Premier for Economic Affairs and Finance Minister, Hazem el-Beblawi, left for Washington Wednesday morning leading Egypt's delegation to the semi-annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank to be held there.

In pre-departure statements, Beblawi said that the Egyptian economic conditions will be discussed at the meetings.

Cooperation between Egypt and the participating financial associations will be also discussed, he added.

The Egyptian delegation includes Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt Farouk el-Okda and Minister of International Cooperation and Planning Fayza Abul Naga.

Finance ministers and central bankers from all over the world gather in Washington for the Fall meetings of the IMF and World Bank.