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Egypt's medical city to launch in 2025

This ambitious project aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery, combining modern infrastructure, advanced medical facilities, and sustainablity.
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Egypt is on the verge of a significant transformation in its healthcare landscape with the anticipated completion of the Ain Shams University Hospital and Heliopolis Medical City project by the end of 2025. This ambitious project aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery, combining modern infrastructure, advanced medical facilities, and sustainable practices.

Three pillars of development

The Heliopolis Medical City project is structured around three core components:

  1. Infrastructure and safety upgrades:

    • One of the primary focuses is on enhancing the infrastructure of existing hospitals. This includes updating fire safety measures and waste management systems to meet modern standards. These improvements are crucial for ensuring patient safety and operational efficiency.
  2. Renovation and replacement of historical buildings:

    • Many of the existing buildings, some dating back to 1928, are being renovated and replaced. This aspect of the project respects the historical significance of these structures while bringing them up to date with contemporary healthcare needs. The aim is to preserve the architectural heritage while ensuring the facilities meet current healthcare standards.
  3. New construction projects:

    • The most dynamic aspect of the project involves constructing new medical facilities. This includes a state-of-the-art emergency hospital, a specialized surgery hospital, and a comprehensive blood bank. Despite facing some delays, these new constructions are progressing steadily, backed by robust support from the Ministry of Higher Education and Ain Shams University.

Economic and social impact

The project also aims to develop the self-resources of hospitals. This involves expanding economic treatments and offering medical services for a fee to those who can afford it, which in turn will support the sustainability of free services for less privileged patients. The initiative is aligned with the Prime Minister's directives to provide free emergency care and involves significant contributions from civil society organizations, institutions, and bank donations.

A commitment to comprehensive healthcare

The completion of Egypt's Medical City is expected to set a new benchmark for healthcare services in the region. By combining modern facilities with sustainable practices, the project aims to provide high-quality medical care accessible to all segments of society. This comprehensive approach ensures that the healthcare system can support both the immediate needs and long-term health goals of the Egyptian population.


Egypt's Medical City project is not just an infrastructure development; it is a visionary leap towards a modernized, inclusive, and sustainable healthcare system. With its completion on the horizon, it promises to enhance the quality of medical services and set a precedent for future healthcare projects in Egypt and beyond.