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Egypt's Abu Qir gas hub sold

Energean plc has recently announced selling its assets in Egypt, Italy, and Croatia to Carlyle International Energy for $945 million.
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Energean plc has recently announced a significant move to streamline its operations and enhance its strategic focus by selling its assets in Egypt, Italy, and Croatia to Carlyle International Energy Partners. The deal, valued at up to $945 million, marks a pivotal moment for the company's operations in Egypt and the broader Mediterranean region.

Key Highlights of the Transaction

Energean's decision to sell its Egyptian, Italian, and Croatian portfolio to Carlyle is driven by a strategic objective to optimize its asset base and focus on its core gas development projects. The sale, which includes a firm value of $820 million, is expected to be completed by the end of 2024, pending regulatory and antitrust approvals.

Impact on Egypt's Energy Sector

The sale of Energean's assets in Egypt includes the Abu Qir gas production hub, a significant contributor to the country's gas supply. This transaction reflects a broader trend of international companies realigning their portfolios to focus on core assets and streamline operations.

Mathios Rigas, CEO of Energean, emphasized that the sale allows Energean to concentrate on its gas-weighted strategy, particularly in the Karish Field in Israel and the Anchois field in Morocco. This strategic shift aims to maximize asset monetization, enhance free cash flow, and deliver better returns to shareholders.

Strategic Benefits for Carlyle

For Carlyle, acquiring these high-quality assets in Egypt represents a strategic investment in a region actively encouraging new gas development. Bob Maguire, Co-Head of Carlyle International Energy Partners, expressed optimism about transforming these assets into a scalable exploration and production platform in the Mediterranean. Carlyle's plans include executing near-term developments, unlocking organic growth opportunities, and accelerating decarbonization initiatives.

Local Workforce and Economic Implications

The transaction also has significant implications for the local workforce in Egypt. Rigas acknowledged the hard work and dedication of Energean's employees in Egypt, expressing confidence that Carlyle would be a responsible steward of the acquired assets. This move could potentially bring new opportunities and investments to Egypt's energy sector, fostering economic growth and stability.

Future Prospects and Strategic Focus

Energean's divestment aligns with its long-term strategy to focus on high-value gas projects, aiming to maintain and expand its presence in the Mediterranean. The company plans to leverage the financial flexibility gained from this sale to drive future growth, particularly from its assets in Israel.

Moreover, the transaction underscores Energean's commitment to a disciplined capital allocation approach, ensuring sustainable growth and shareholder value. The anticipated special dividend following the completion of the sale highlights this commitment.


Energean's $945 million sale of its Egyptian, Italian, and Croatian assets to Carlyle marks a strategic pivot that benefits both companies. For Energean, it provides the opportunity to concentrate on core gas projects and improve financial performance. For Carlyle, it represents a valuable acquisition that aligns with its goals of expanding and optimizing its energy portfolio in the Mediterranean.

As Egypt continues to play a central role in regional energy dynamics, this transaction exemplifies the country's attractiveness for significant international investments. The move is expected to bolster Egypt's energy sector, enhance its gas production capabilities, and contribute to the nation's ongoing economic development.