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Open source code is the future, even for AI

The Linux operating system made a start. In the meantime, the release of code for developers has become established.
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Windows loses

Despite free upgrades and massive advertising, Windows 11 is recording disappointing user numbers. Instead, most users, especially in Germany, are sticking with Windows 10. The latest figures show that only around 26.65% of Windows users have switched to the new operating system, while almost 77% in Germany continue to use Windows 10.
Streaming OS for TV

ARD and ZDF are planning to unite their online media libraries technically by developing a joint ‘streaming OS’. This innovative alliance will not only create a technical basis for the public broadcasters' online media libraries, but will also be made available to other companies.
Artists use AI

The music video created by Paul Trillo for Washed Out's latest single ‘Hardest Part’ is the first officially commissioned project to utilise OpenAI's Sora. Trillo, known for his experimental approach to video art, reveals a fascinating insight into the creative process behind the project, reports nofilmschool. Using Sora, Trillo generated over 700 clips, of which only about 10% were used in the final cut.

LTE in the underground

The completion of the LTE roll-out in all German underground trains marks a significant milestone for mobile connectivity in public transport. This long-awaited project, driven by a partnership between BVG, Telekom, Vodafone and O2 Telefónica, now brings full LTE coverage along all underground lines in the country.
GenZ loves AI

The topic of AI influencers is becoming increasingly important in the current marketing landscape. A study by Sprout Social shows that 46% of Gen Z express an increased interest in brands that use AI influencers. This trend marks a significant shift in consumer behaviour, particularly among younger generations, in terms of their preferences for brand engagement and interaction, reports Marketing Interactive.