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Online channels that can bring you more customers

Digital channels are becoming the most important tool for drawing the attention of interested parties to your products, but their prices are rising.
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Google postpones cookie phase-out

Google is postponing the abolition of third-party cookies until 2025. Privacy Sandbox is to enable data protection-friendly advertising. Instead of starting in the second half of 2022 as originally planned, cookies will now be retained for the time being. This decision comes against the backdrop of ongoing challenges, particularly with regard to data protection and regulation. The Privacy Sandbox will serve as a replacement for third-party cookies.
Cost per click increases

Interesting figures from Tinuiti's "Q1 2024 Digital Ads Benchmark Report": Cost per click (CPC) up 13% compared to 9% in Q4 2023. However, companies must continue to invest in Google ads to reach their target audiences and increase revenue. However, an increase in spending can also mean that competition for ad placements increases, which can lead to higher costs.

Lockscreeen as a new medium

Glance is testing an innovative lockscreen platform in the US, delivering personalized content to over 450 million smartphones without advertising. The digital marketing landscape is undergoing a transformation and a key player is Glance, a startup platform from India backed by Google and Jio Platforms. Glance recently launched a pilot program in the US that could change the way we use our smartphones.

Biden bans Tiktok

The law signed by Biden presents TikTok with a crucial challenge: divest from its Chinese parent company ByteDance or face a complete ban in the US. This drastic measure, signed into law by President Joe Biden, forces TikTok to act within nine months, with a possible extension of another 90 days if necessary. If ByteDance does not comply with this requirement, app stores will no longer be legally allowed to distribute TikTok.

Email frequency increases

One in four companies is increasing the frequency of its marketing emails. Although email has never really disappeared from the scene, like other traditional marketing tools such as marketing mix modeling or contextual targeting, it is increasingly leaving its shadowy existence and stepping into the spotlight of modern marketing strategies. This is the key finding of the fifth edition of "Email Marketing Benchmarks 2024". It analyzed 5,001 companies from 246 sectors based on 169 criteria.