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Here is how AI is changing marketing

The speed at which AI is creeping into everyday life is faster than it was 25 years ago when the internet crept into our world.
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Two thirds of marketers use AI

The introduction of Generative AI (GenAI) has aroused great interest among both consumers and marketers. According to an Adobe survey, 53% of American consumers have already used GenAI. At the same time, 66% of marketers surveyed say they are integrating GenAI into their strategies to optimise marketing in general and email marketing in particular.
Applications of AI in marketing

A study by Ragan Communications shows that 68% of marketers use AI in their daily work, from improved efficiency to personalised customer targeting, AI offers a wide range of applications. AI tools such as ChatGPT, Jasper and Tableau Pulse improve productivity. By using AI and predictive analytics, marketers can better segment their customers and carry out personalised marketing campaigns.

AI is better at persuading people

A new study by the University of Lausanne shows that AI can potentially be more persuasive than human persuaders. Large language models in particular use demographic data to personalise their arguments. Statistically, they are more than 80 % more persuasive than humans.
Readers recognise AI content

A study conducted by Bynder sheds light on various facts about consumer behaviour in relation to AI-generated content. One surprising finding is that 50% of participants can correctly identify AI content. Interestingly, however, 56% of respondents said they prefer AI content, but consumer engagement decreases when they suspect the content was created by AI.
Apple wants Google AI

Apple is considering a partnership with Google to utilise the Gemini AI model for features on iPhones. This could put Google in a dominant position as it is already the preferred search engine provider on iPhones. Apple is also planning to licence AI technology from Google to introduce AI-powered features with iOS updates this year.