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Are companies including AI in their budgets?

After the triumph of ChatGPT, companies understand that if you are not investing in AI, you are missing out.
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88 per cent increase AI budgets

German CIOs will invest more in artificial intelligence in 2024: 88% plan to increase their AI budgets to ensure more efficient work. The main reasons for these investments are time savings for creative or strategic tasks and better information for business decisions.
Nvidia loves robots

Nvidia presents GR00T, an AI platform for the humanoid robotics market, supported by leading companies. Nvidia also introduced at GTC Jetson Thor, a new hardware specifically designed to run simulations and generative AI models for humanoid robots. This hardware offers improved performance for AI applications and enables developers to increase the performance of their robots.

Claude outperforms all language models

Claude 3 Opus, a new generative AI from Anthropic, shows a remarkable increase in performance over established models such as GPT-4 and Google Gemini, especially in terms of speed and usability. However, one of the outstanding features that Claude 3 Opus still lacks is the ability to execute the generated code directly. This is in contrast to other models such as GPT-4, which already have this function integrated.
Gemini AI is coming to the iPhone

Apple is considering a partnership with Google to utilise the Gemini AI model for functions on iPhones. This could put Google in a dominant position, as it is already the preferred search engine provider on iPhones. Apple is also planning to licence AI technology from Google to introduce AI-powered features with iOS updates this year.
MrBeast plans game show

Popular YouTuber MrBeast has announced plans to produce the biggest game show in history for Amazon Prime Video. With over 1,000 participants and prize money of USD 5 million, the show is set to set new standards. His channel on YouTube has gained immense popularity with 245 million subscribers.