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5 ways AI is changing digital marketing

Expected productivity gains from AI are currently fuelling soaring share prices. Here are a few examples from marketing.
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1. Influencers with AI

The areas of application for AI in influencer marketing are diverse: idea generation, content creation, workflow optimisation and fraud detection. Although there are challenges such as insufficient data and ethical concerns, AI offers marketers innovative tools to optimise their influencer marketing and increase efficiency.
2. Retail with AI

According to a study by Cooler Screens, 53% of marketers are optimistic that AI will significantly improve targeting and ad relevance in retail. This indicates a broad acceptance and high potential for AI applications. A majority of 52% of marketers believe that AI will enable highly personalised shopping experiences.

3. Video with AI

Following the introduction of OpenAI's Sora model, interest in AI-supported video production has increased. Now "Haiper" has been developed by former Deepmind employees who have applied their expertise in machine learning to video generation. The company received start-up funding of 13.8 million dollars and can create videos lasting seconds from text prompts.
4. B2B marketing with AI

Only 10 to 14% of companies consistently integrate generative AI into their marketing strategies. There are areas of application for account-based marketing in particular: Optimising account prioritisation, personalising content and making marketing strategies more precise. These applications help marketing teams to increase their efficiency and achieve better results.
5. Website with AI

At Wix, AI builds complete websites. Wix's AI chatbot enables the creation of a website based on simple instructions. The chatbot uses AI models such as DALL-E and ChatGPT. It uses AI models to generate image and text content. This makes it easier to create appealing website layouts and content without users having to design everything from scratch.