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Why reach is everything in the digital world

Exclusive content has always reached many people. Gaming and audio, on the other hand, are usually new to the media plan.
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Exclusives on X

Following the announcement of an interview with Putin by Tucker Carlson on X (formerly Twitter), the app shot to the top of the US App Store. With 117,000 downloads in one day, it surpassed Instagram threads. Musk, without a direct contract with Carlson, sees X gaining importance through such content. Despite criticism of Carlson's Russia sympathies and Musk's controversial statements, X is attracting prominent creators.
Disney and gaming

Disney is investing 1.5 billion dollars in Epic Games to build an innovative entertainment universe that integrates characters from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar into the world of Fortnite, creating a new dimension of interaction and gaming experience.

Spotify is booming

Despite price increases and job cuts, Spotify records a 15% increase in subscribers to 236 million in Q4 2023 and reaches 602 million active users. CEO Daniel Ek targets an operating profit of 180 million euros for Q1 2024. The company recorded a quarterly profit of EUR 68 million.
Fake reach

Companies worldwide suffer a significant budget loss of 36% in influencer marketing due to fake followers and engagements; India is particularly hard hit with 57-60% fake followers.
YouTube & Facebook in the lead

A Pew survey of 5,733 US citizens shows that YouTube and Facebook remain the most used social media platforms in America. TikTok has seen significant user growth to 33% since 2021. Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are particularly popular among the under-30s, while people over 30 are more likely to use YouTube and Facebook.