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10 things you need to know about Egypt's Ras El-Hikma project

A glimpse of Egypt's ambitious project to transform Ras El-Hikma City into a thriving, sustainable, and world-class destination.
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  1. Negotiations in Progress: Egypt is currently in negotiations with international companies and funds for the development of Ras El-Hikma City in the North Coast region.

  2. Upcoming Announcement: The official plan for the development of Ras El-Hikma City is expected to be announced soon, indicating significant progress in the project.

  3. Part of Urban Development Plan: The development of Ras El-Hikma is part of Egypt's Urban Development Plan for 2052, which aims to establish sustainable, smart cities of the fourth generation.

  4. Multiple Functionalities: These new cities are envisioned to attract millions of residents and offer a wide range of amenities, including tourism activities, recreational services, advanced technological industries, commercial centers, and administrative hubs for international companies.

  5. Focus on Services: In addition to economic activities, these cities are designed to provide excellent educational and healthcare services to residents and visitors alike.

  6. City Development Projects: Besides Ras El-Hikma, other cities in the plan include Al-Alamein City, Al-Nagila, and Jarjoub, with a focus on enhancing existing cities like Marsa Matrouh and Salloum.

  7. Northwestern Coastal Area: The plan prioritizes comprehensive urban development in the Northwestern Coastal area, which is considered ideal for accommodating Egypt's projected population growth.

  8. Job Opportunities: The economic activities in this region are expected to create job opportunities for Egyptian youth in the coming years, contributing to the overall expansion of the developed area.

  9. Ras El-Hikma Development Progress: Ras El-Hikma City is one of the key cities being developed under this plan, with efforts underway to finalize its development.

  10. International Partnerships: Ras El-Hikma's development will involve partnerships with global entities possessing technical expertise and significant financial resources. This collaboration aims to position the city as a prominent international tourist destination on the Mediterranean Sea within five years.