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10 key insights into Egypt's thriving food export industry in 2023

Understand Egypt's global food trade dynamics and its rising prominence in the international market.
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The remarkable growth in Egypt's food exports underscores the country's evolving role as a key player in the global food market, driven by its diverse and high-quality agricultural products. Here are the top 10 highlights of Egypt's booming food export sector in 2023

  1. Record-Breaking Exports: Egypt's food industry exports soared to a historic high of $4.3 billion in the first 10 months of 2023.

  2. Year-on-Year Growth: This figure marks a substantial 15% increase compared to the $3.8 billion recorded in 2022.

  3. Arab Countries as Primary Importers: Arab nations constituted the largest market for Egyptian food products, accounting for 55% of the total exports, equaling $2.344 billion.

  4. Significant Increase in Arab Trade: The trade volume with Arab countries witnessed a 21% growth from the previous year.

  5. European Union’s Strong Interest: The EU emerged as the second-largest importer of Egyptian food, purchasing 17% of the exports, totaling $740 million.

  6. Growth in EU Trade: The EU's importation represented a 12% increase from 2022, indicating expanding European interest in Egyptian food products.

  7. Rise in Agricultural Exports: The Agriculture Export Council reported a 24.6% increase in agricultural exports, reaching $3.566 billion.

  8. Surge in Crop Exports: Exports of crops jumped by 29.2%, amounting to 5.669 million tons, a significant rise from 4.385 million tons in the previous season.

  9. Arab Countries’ Share in Agricultural Exports: Imports by Arab countries constituted 42% of Egypt’s agricultural export volume, valued at $1.314 billion (37% of the sector’s export value).

  10. Non-Arab African Countries’ Growing Demand: Food exports to non-Arab African countries showed a 21% growth, with a trade volume of $380 million.