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What is next in tech after AI?

The Internet of Things is coming: smartphone alternatives, smartwatches, smart meters, health trackers, and autonomous cars are just the beginning.
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The end of smartphones?

The Humane AI Pin is a wearable AI device from OpenAI and Microsoft that is designed as a smartphone replacement. It is attached to clothing and has voice control, a microphone, a loudspeaker, and a laser projector for image displays. The AI Pin, available in black and white, also has a camera and sensors, sells for USD 699, and requires a monthly contract of USD 24. Named "Best Innovation" by Time Magazine, it has been available since yesterday.

Mobile phone translation simultaneously

Samsung plans to launch "Galaxy AI" on Galaxy smartphones in early 2024, including the "AI Live Translate Call" function for real-time translations during phone calls. This will be integrated directly into the Samsung phone app and does not require an internet connection, which strengthens data protection. It is not yet clear whether the function will be available exclusively for new models such as the Galaxy S24 or also for older smartphones.
Watch opens scooter

Gogoro enables its smart scooters to be unlocked and started via Apple Wallet on an iPhone or Apple Watch. This function, a novelty in the two-wheeler sector, will first be introduced in Taiwan on over 300,000 existing smart scooters with NFC technology. Users can also share their digital scooter key with other iOS users. In addition, Gogoro plans to integrate Apple's "Find My" to locate scooters via the app.

Waze recognises danger

Waze has introduced a new safety feature that warns drivers when they are approaching a road with frequent accidents. These warnings are based on AI analyses of historical accident data and road features, supplemented by user reports. To minimize distractions, notifications are reduced on busy roads. This feature complements Waze's existing safety features such as real-time detection of traffic accidents and lane guidance.
Scale plays doctor

Withings' Body Scan, an advanced smart scale, provides comprehensive health analyses such as cardiovascular assessments and body composition data. With built-in sensors and ECG, the device can also detect atrial fibrillation. Available for $399.95 in the US, €400 in the EU and £349.95 in the UK, the Body Scan syncs with the Withings app and will soon offer nerve health features in the US.