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Can new digital innovations be boosting human connections?

There's currently a lot of discussion about whether AI is rationalizing people away. On the contrary, people are not superfluous, but more important.
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WordPress wants chatter

Automattic, which owns, has acquired messaging app for $50 million. combines various messaging services such as iMessage, Slack, and WhatsApp into one dashboard and offers end-to-end encryption. The acquisition expands Automattic's portfolio in the messaging space. founder Kishan Bagaria will join Automattic as the new head of messaging.

Amazon seeks consultants

Amazon launches "Consult-a-Friend" in its app, allowing users to ask friends for product feedback. Users share a link to products, and friends respond with emojis or comments. The feature aims to make buying decisions easier by providing trusted opinions. Additionally, Amazon is introducing a "Create" button for its "Inspire" feed, which allows users to share their own content. "Consult-a-Friend" is rolling out in several countries.
Artifact loves gourmets

The app Artifact, developed by Instagram co-founders, is transforming from a news aggregation app to a web discovery platform. It now allows users to share recommendations for places like restaurants. Users can curate content and share recommendations. AI powers Artifact's recommendation engine and helps rewrite headlines and summarize articles.
Opel can talk

DS Automobiles has been testing OpenAI's ChatGPT voice AI in its "DS Iris" infotainment systems for six months. 20,000 drivers will be able to access information on points of interest and more as a result. The pilot phase covers DS 3, DS 4, DS 7, and DS 9 models, and if successful, permanent integration could follow. The service, based on ChatGPT version 3.5, does not provide real-time data.

Tinder brings in matchmakers

Tinder has introduced "Tinder Matchmaker," allowing users to invite friends to suggest potential matches. However, the friends can't decide for themselves, only make suggestions, while the Tinder user makes the final decision. Users share a link with up to 15 friends, which is valid for 24 hours. This innovation comes as many younger users are moving away from traditional dating apps. The feature is being rolled out in several countries.