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AI innovation: Companies are testing new uses for AI

Customers decide whether a product is well received. Innovative companies are continually making new suggestions in this regard.
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OpenAI tests cell phone

OpenAI plans to develop an AI device for the mass market and is in "advanced talks" with Apple's ex-design chief Jony Ive. The venture is backed by a potential billion-dollar investment from Softbank. The goal is to create an AI-centric hardware concept that is considered the "iPhone of AI" and allows intuitive interaction without looking at a screen.


Mistral tests open-source

French startup Mistral has released its first language model, Mistral 7B. It is available for free and offered under the Apache 2.0 license with no restrictions on use. Mistral 7B is a further development of other language models and offers similar capabilities at lower computational costs. The founders of Mistral already had experience with such models at Meta and Google DeepMind. Despite the free availability, the model is not "open source". Mistral also offers paid products with further insights.


Getty tests AI images

Getty Images has launched an AI tool "Generative AI by Getty Images" that creates images from text descriptions, based on their extensive content library and is supported by Nvidia. Customers receive a Getty license that protects against copyright lawsuits. There are safeguards against disinformation and artistic impersonation. AI-generated images carry a watermark.


Meta tests livestream

Meta's new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses allow video livestreams to Facebook and Instagram. Unlike the original Ray-Ban Stories, which didn't live up to expectations, these have a 12-megapixel camera and an LED display that lights up when recording. The glasses offer numerous design options and feature speakers. They are available for pre-order in several countries and will be available starting Oct. 12 with prices starting at $299.
Artefact tests posts

Artefact, developed by Instagram's co-founders, introduced a "Posts" feature to make the transition from a pure news aggregator to a social network. Users can now share content directly without having to include links. This innovation builds on the recently introduced "Links" feature. With this development, Artifact enters into direct competition with networks such as X (formerly Twitter) and Meta's Threads. The update is available in the latest Android and iOS apps.