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Why you should consider increasing you social ad budget

People are spending more and more time on social networks. That's why billions of advertising dollars are flowing there.
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Meta certifies companies

Meta is expanding its "Meta Verified" verification program to businesses. It will first be tested on Facebook and Instagram and later launched on WhatsApp. For $21.99/month, businesses can get verification for Facebook or Instagram; for both platforms, it costs $34.99/month. Benefits include a badge, better reach, and identity impersonation protection. A specific launch for WhatsApp has not yet been determined.
TikTok tests Google search

TikTok is testing a Google Search integration in its app. This innovation, discovered by Radu Oncescu, allows users to query search terms directly from Google. Additionally, TikTok plans to include Wikipedia entries in search results. A Google executive noted that young people are increasingly using TikTok and Instagram instead of Google for search queries.


Favs cuts dwell time

Startup Favs has raised nearly $1 million for a new social network that aims to bring back the intimacy of earlier social media. Favs will lack typical features such as news feeds or inboxes. The goal is to advise users to leave the app after 10 minutes of use and return the next day. Founded by Saba Karim and Noah Mitsuhashi, Favs aims to foster real, deep connections between users. It is scheduled for a public launch in January 2024.
X wants more money

Elon Musk is considering that social network X could charge a small monthly fee in the future to combat the bot problem. X currently has 550 million monthly users and offers a paid service called X Premium. However, Musk did not reveal when or how much the fee might be. So far, few users have subscribed to Premium.

Publishers lose

On X (formerly Twitter), New York Times articles have been seeing significantly fewer interactions for some time, especially with major accounts like Barack Obama. Other newspapers are not affected. There is no official explanation, but this is reminiscent of previous throttling by the New York Times on X. Experts speculate that articles with links to the NYT may appear less frequently in the feed. X has shifted toward a conservative media company under Elon Musk's leadership.